oh the places we go

This past Saturday was one of those perfect days for a drive, 65 degrees and sunny, which meant windows down and music UP!  We were on our way to Richmond, Virginia for our very first bridal show at Celebrations at the Reservoir and were making a very out of the way stop to do some bargain J.Crew shopping in Lynchburg, Virginia. On our way, tucked in the gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains was a truly amazing antique store, just outside of Charlottesville. It had all of the tell-tale signs of a great shop, an aging house in the middle of nowhere, tables, trunks, gates, dressers and more clawfoot tubs that exist in the rest of the 20 mile radius all lying about the parking lot, and to top it off a huge Coca-Cola sign hung in the middle of the porch (with a "not for sale" tag of course). We pulled over  and scrambled up to this treasure trove like giddy pirates, excited to see what would catch our eyes!

We weren’t looking for personal purchases, just for the business, but neverless they found us. Emily found a woven wall hanging with a tribal feel that she couldn’t walk away from. Admittedly it needs some T.L.C to remove the layers of dirt from the years, but it had to be hers!

My find was a cuckoo clock for only $25, with a cuckoo still inside!. It doesn't work which is fine by me, because the price was low and I won’t feel bad revamping it a bit. Check back tomorrow for the cuckoo transformation!

Aside from those two exceptions, we were good and only purchased for the shop. We have been collecting found objects that can help us create warm, inviting curated spaces for wedding and events, often vintage pieces achieve this better than anything else. We can just sit there and imagine where they have been and the stories they hold, they invoke history and curiosity.  At least that is one of our favorite things about them, other than the fact they give everything a unique style-either way, here are our favorite finds!

Check back next week for Emily's DIY punched tin votives!