DIY Wooden Headboard

Howdy friends! I have literally been walking past my guest bedroom for weeks now, knowing that I wanted to make a change, but didn't know what.  One Saturday night, a few glasses of wine, and about 45 minutes (?!?) on Pinterest later, I decided I wanted to create a wood panel headboard.  There's so much inspiration out there on Pinterest, honestly, a slightly overwhelming dosage of wooden headboards - so much so, that I kept questioning whether or not I wanted to vary the scale or boards, make a chevron pattern, paint it white, stain it black, etc.  BLAH!  I chose the more simplistic route, all boards going in one direction with multiple shades of stain, and I'm quite happy with the result. 


In Maryland, there is a FANTASTIC resource for repurposed building supplies called Community Forklift, I would 100% recommend going there to get some deliciously aged wood boards, if you are near.  I sadly didn't make it up to Maryland, so I went to my neighborhood Home Depot and picked up some 1"x8"x6' common boards, large finishing nails, and various stains.

I wanted my headboard to stick out a little bit further than my mattress, so I purchased the precut 6' boards, leaving about 10" on each side of the mattress.  


On my way home from Home Depot, I stopped by one of my favorite thrift stores in Richmond, Diversity Thrift.  I wanted to add a light fixture to my headboard and decided I would see what they had to offer.  Lo and behold, I found a great (slightly ugly at first, but hey, when in doubt, spray paint it gold) 50 CENT light.  50 CENTS!!!  Done and done. 


The whole headboard making business only took me about 2 hours, which includes dry time for my stain and $60, which is insanity.  Most of us feel these projects are so time consuming, but in reality they're not!   So next weekend, if you feel inspired, give it a go!