Meet New CO-Owner: Ashley

Hello all,

I was going to jump right into my new weekly blog series on the histories and fun facts surrounding some of the world's events, traditions and holidays, but all of my drafts felt a touch awkward and went something like this: Hey guys! Ashley here, new member/co-owner or Ruie + Grace, but we'll talk about that later. Instead, here are some fun facts about why we blow out birthday candles (which was then proceeded by a bunch of photos of various animals blowing out birthday candles).

Since I just turned THIRTY, I'm a big girl now and reckon I ought to do things properly, so to the introductions it is! As already established in the blog title and first paragraph, my name is Ashley- I know, such a mundane name for one with such an inordinate amount of style and pizazz (I mean just look at my pinterest account); consequently, I see myself more as my roller derby moniker: Lady Bunz- because nothing conveys class and good taste like combining my dog's name with the body's toot factory. 

Anyway, I met Brit and Emily many moons ago when I was working part time at Anthropologie while launching Fleurir Chocolates with my husband. It was magical, and I changed their lives for the better- a real American hero. Thereafter, the chocolate shop grew, I birthed a child, we moved to the 'burbs, I started a design business on the side, and I joined NOVA Roller Derby. But none of these were my true calling. My true calling, as of July 2015-ish, was to make three become one and merge Asher, LLC with Ruie + Grace, my kindred spirits (kind of...close enough). Also, I somehow managed to temporarily convince myself that growing/birthing a human wasn't actually that bad/uncomfortable/painful/miserable/life-altering (in a miracle of life kind of way, of course), and am now hugely pregnant once again. No photos shall be posted (all you need to do is imagine a fully matured walrus shuffling across the sea ice in search of his next meal- whiskers and tusks included). Instead, here is a photo of me from my 2010 wedding reception all jacked up on cough & cold medicine and alcohol- because I was hugely sick on my wedding day, not because I have substance abuse issues, thank you very much.